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Abbondanza Pizzeria Ristorante
Friday, July 4, 2008 / 7:49 PM

Last Friday, I had dinner with a group of friends at a casual Italian restaurant, Abbondanza. The group included bloggers and food-lovers, Fran, Didi, Jane, and I. After looking the menu, we ordered Risotto Al Funghi Porcini, Cannelloni agli Spinaci, Pasta alla Pescatora, and Napoli Pizza. Among all the dishes, I particulary loved the Pasta alla Pescatora which I guiltily wiped out. It is generously loaded with shrimps, fish, squid, clams, and oysters in a creamy sauce. I also liked the Rissoto Al Funghi Porcini considering that I'm not a rissoto-lover. The Napoli Pizza was also good but I only wish they served it with more anchovies. As for the Cannelloni agli Spinaci, sad to say, I didn't really like it because it was a bit dry. I wonder if authentic Italian cannellonis are really served like that. Lastly, we girls are all very lucky to try Jane's Tri-colored Tuna and Mushroom Penne of which she prepared especially for us.




It was such a fun night with the girls! I'm glad that I instantly connected with them despite the fact that it was my first time to meet Candice and Jane. Jane's boyfriend, who happened to be my good friend's prom date some 10 years ago, was also so nice to take our photos that night. I'll definitely be going back to Abbondanza! Next time, I'll bring B and Sophie along for a family lunch and try out more of their exciting Italian dishes. :)

Crescent Condominium, Amethyst Drive, Ortigas

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Something For My Shoes
Thursday, July 3, 2008 / 2:57 AM

Every girl would love to have the kind of closet that Mr. Big designed for Carrie. But when you're living on top of each other in a flat where space is so precious and expensive, it's silly to devote a big area for a dressing room and walk-in closet. One thing about living in a flat is that space is very limited. It has always been a challenge for me to keep the zen and minimalism of our flat with the billions of small trinkets and whatnots that B and I have brought from our parents' house. My shoes has been one of my major concerns since we moved in here. B had actually asked the carpenters to make us a three level shoe cabinet when we were renovating our flat. But a three level shoe cabinet that can only fit 12 pairs of shoes max is never gonna be enough for a shoe-holic like me. And since there was no place else, all my other shoes have all been abandoned in the storage area of our flat. And my colorful Havaianas have all been hiding in the laundry area.

I have always been searching for the perfect shoe rack that will go with the minimalist theme of our flat. But whenever I walk into stores, the salesman would always present me with plastic shoe racks made with low grade plastic. Ugh! So when I was shopping in SM yesterday, I was just so happy that I came across this stainless steel shoe rack. It's a two level rack that can expand to fit 16 pairs of shoes. What I like about it is that it's simple and neat. And it's not plastic. I bought it with no second thoughts!


When I got home, I excitedly organized my shoes one by one in my shiny new rack. Boy! They all look so pretty in the rack. And they all seem to be staring back at me showing off their unique styles. I love it! :)

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Cupid's Victim
Wednesday, July 2, 2008 / 4:59 AM


Last Friday, I had dinner with my girlfriends along with two of B's friends at Peri-Peri Chicken in Promenade. E came to pick me up because B was caught in traffic and would be late if he would still pick me up at home. E wore a black lace top and jeans while I wore an aqua blue tank over brown shorts. After dressing up and powdering our face, E and I headed off to Greenhills to meet the boys, Alvin and Michael. Alvin and Michael were already seated on a table waiting for us. I really felt sorry for making them wait when I was the one who set the time. As usual, K was dramatically late once again. But what's new? K wore a black jacket over a dressy top and a pair of black skinnies. We had dinner while having a friendly conversation with each other. Of course, the night wasn't complete without B's one-of-a-kind teasing that is intended to spark things up with K and Alvin. It got me laughing like crazy! When it was time to go, I kissed my girlfriends goodbye and walked off with the boys. I noticed that Alvin kept looking back staring at K. Seems like the boy was hit by cupid's arrow. :)

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Crazy For Pastries
Tuesday, July 1, 2008 / 11:10 PM


It all started two Fridays ago when my cousin brought a box of Dunkin Donuts for Sophie. While my cousin's children went swimming down in the garden of our condominium, Sophie and I sat on the bench watching them play in the water. Then I started feeding Sophie bavarian munchkins. Lost in my conversation with my cousin, I have lost track of how many muchkins Sophie has eaten already. When I checked the box, it's down to half. Goodness! Has Sophie really gobbled down half a dozen munchkins already?

When I brought Sophie with me to Starbucks to hang out with F, Sophie was again presented with a plate of tempting chocolate frosted donuts. Sophie's eyes followed the plate of donuts until it landed on our table. In her stroller, Sophie struggled to reach for the donuts. She got one and stuffed it in her small mouth, savoring its sweetness. F and I can't help but laugh at how adorable she is! That afternoon, Sophie ate about four donuts!

Sophie was again presented with a basket of pastries when I took her with me at Piazza Pazzo. She was staring longingly at those slices of foccacia bread. When I didn't give her a slice because she still hasn't finished her Gerber lunch, Sophie threatened me with a loud crying spell. No amount of sshhhh-ing calmed her down. I lost and Sophie won! I gave her slice after slice of foccacia bread to her heart's content.

It's beyond mommy's control. Sophie has gone crazy for pastries. :)

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Shopaholic Sisters & Shamrocks
Monday, June 30, 2008 / 9:33 PM


I really feel flattered. They were only supposed to be shoppers. Girls in pretty little avatars that shop in my online dress shop. Well, if you are clueless, I actually began an online boutique almost a year ago. I sell a collection of tops and dresses. It was through this online shop that I met G and F. G, a self-confessed shopaholic, was actually one of my very first shoppers. In less than a year's time, we had about 10 transactions already. F is another Cebuana fashionista who loves to shop online. F usually places her reservations and orders as soon as I posted new clothes. That's how fast she is! G and F started out as mere shoppers. But in time, we became friends as we talked about our lives way beyond our closets. So when G came here in Manila, I treated her out for lunch at Piazza Pazzo in Powerplant. It was exciting to finally meet the pretty face in the avatar. Over pizza and pasta, we talked about our lives in Cebu and Manila. Glaiz thought that life in Manila is too fast-paced while I thought that life in Cebu is too laid back. Before G and I said goodbye, G handed me a gift from F. It was a big box of my favorite Shamrock Otaps, the pride of Cebu. F was really so sweet and thoughtful. F had asked G to bring the Shamrock Otaps for me when she found out that G is going to Manila. Actually, F and G only became friends when they bumped into each other while shopping in my dress shop. Now they became very good friends who go out on dinners. I hope I can hang out with F on her next trip to Manila. I am truly grateful to gain friends like them. Till we see each other again! :)

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Hubby and the Bachelors
Saturday, June 28, 2008 / 5:24 PM

Sometimes, it really makes me wonder why B asked for my hand and married me. I was only 22 and B was only 25 the year we tied the knot. Well, I know for a fact that he loves me very much. But isn't it that most men find it hard to say goodbye to their bachelor life? Especially at the age of 25? I certainly don't know what has gotten into B. While all his friends are enjoying bachelorhood, B chose to settle down with me in marriage. And I confess that I'm a very possessive and demanding woman. B knew that in the 5 years we were together. Wasn't that enough to scare him away? As a matter of fact, B's friends even refer to me as the commander or worse, the kryptonite.


When M celebrated his birthday last Saturday at Green Maris, I noticed how B acted very differently around his friends. B was the only married man in the group. All the rest were bachelors with raging testosterones. While his friends were speaking in a green language, B sat in his seat, silent and tamed, as they went on discussing about sexy FHM models and girls they hooked up with. B showed no eager interest. If anything, he tried to shift the topic to business or gadgets. Deep inside, I start to wonder if it's all because of my presence and if B would have behaved otherwise if I wasn't there at all. I also start worrying if B had any regrets marrying me and giving up his bachelorhood. I guess I'll never know, would I?

But as B embraced me in his arms that night, something told me he cherishes this marriage more than anything else in this world. With that, my worried heart was eased. :)

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Saturdays at Starbucks
Thursday, June 26, 2008 / 8:12 AM

Last Saturday, I drove to Starbucks Silvercity to hang out with my good friend, F. F invited me to attend the event "Dialogues at Starbucks" where Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet is going to give a talk. Even before I started blogging, I have always visited Anton Diaz's blog to learn and catch up on the interesting hidden places in Manila. So I was really glad to be able to meet the man behind the blog. Anton is an ordinary guy with an extra-ordinary perspective of this world. That is what sets him apart from the rest. And that is what I admire most about him. I also got to meet his beautiful wife, Rachel, who happens to be a schoolmate some 10 batches higher.


F was so sweet that she got me my all time favorite Mocha Frappuccino. I swear nothing brightens up my day like a frappe! It's no wonder that B always gets me a frappe as some peace offering after we have our quarrels. So while F had her iced tea, I had my frappe and we chatted about what's new in our lives. We were also offered chocolate frosted mini donuts that Sophie can't seem to get enough of. Sophie picked the donuts up by herself on the table and stuffed them into her small mouth. All by herself. She ate about 3 donuts and she still wanted more. Not to mention that I already bought her Auntie Anne's pretzels earlier that day. I really can't help but laugh at how cute she is.


I really wish I could stay longer but I had to excuse myself and leave early because B & I still have a dinner party that night. Sophie and I truly had a fun afternoon. Well, Sophie had a yummy afternoon. Thanks so much, F! I hope we can have more Saturdates! :)

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